Monday, 18 July 2011


We're doing great here... we are 75% towards our charity goal and we think its about time we thanked a few people personallys--- if you donated using "anon" then let us remimd you that nothing is anonymous on the internets.

we cant put them in any order at all.. so i've decided the best way to list them is as they pop into my head..

dixie at flea market for giving us a free stall not once but twice!
bridget for not understanding what we're actually doing and not being able to work the internet
dave at betty fords for putting his money where his mouth is
remco for sitting next to me at work, listening to my india spiel for weeks and still donating
carlos for recalling his keke impression
asia for forcing her friend dave to donate and then donating herself..not ltierally.
dave at relevant magazine for being an editor who pays for an article
dr robert! he's got everything you need, dr robert
hannah for donating rather than buying drinks
nini for having the best name and being mum
david rodney for giving even though we havent spoken since school
scott at vision 33 for taking the time away from dancing and singing to get his wallet out
micha for being a truck driver with a heart
andi m from der toten hosen for proving punks not dead
my brother thomas for putting down his rifle for a moment to find some cash
sam i am for being the first
nathalie for giving up smoking and donating the cash
arlo for convincing me donate 20 euros for him, eh?
stuart at wingman for being the first sponsor on board
ben at helmet dress for doing more than he needed
clara and wolfgang for working out how the net works
mike ryan for finding a way to donate without a bank account
krut and obi for having great golden beer....

thats the list so far... just reading it again we notice that, that's pretty much the squad so far... the only thing missing is your name! (unless we missed you by mistake)

luke and anika

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