Monday, 18 July 2011


We sat down the other night to try and get a "kit list"... its started off way too big. With way too many shoes and comedy hats.. so we have stripped it down to what we might actually golf clubs, croquet mallets ,smoking jackets and high heels stay while tents and flashlights go.

well kinda, we reckon we can beg, borrow or steal most of the kit and what we cant bring we will buy in india...

1 pot
2 forks
1 bloody enourmous big sharp knife
1 flint and steel

1 three man tent
2 sleeping mats
2 towels (thank you hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)
2 sleeping bags

1 bikini
1 mankini or speedo's or shorts (shorts are for schoolboys and sportsmen)
2 pairs of dr martens
2 paca-macs
1 ballgown and heels
1 smoking jacket
2 x Jumpsuits
8 further items of personal clothing

2 more bloody big knives
1 axe
20 yards rope
40 candles
2 flashlights
2 mosquito nets
3 bottles deet
15 bottles of gin
1 anti snake venom
400 malboro

spanners, hammer, screwdrivers, maskingtape, string, superglue

1 compass
3 maps
5 packs of Blind hope
2 arguements about the last turn left..or was it right?

Moleskine books
flip cam
sony didgi cam
notebook computer

wet wipes
bandages and dressings
needle and thread
brandy (purely medishinal you unnershand)

Thats ALL.. if you have any suggestions (or want to lend us kit) then get in touch asap!

ps: just got sent this.... india is safe from my englishman legs!

India - Don't wear shorts

Men and women should avoid wearing shorts in India as there is a stigma attached to Western adults wearing them. Shorts are seen as the uniform of the poorest people in Indian society and also - for men - they are traditionally just for young boys.

Creased clothes should be avoided too - Indians are fastidious about their appearances, so take advantage of street ironing booths, or hotel laundry and ironing services, to avoid causing offence.

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  1. You guys must be so excited!!

    But what about your HelmetDress Helmet Covers?

    I will make sure to add an update to our !!!