Thursday, 7 July 2011


We've rooted around the back of the sofa, emptied the cookie jar and our pockets raising money for our charity trip. We even contacted Great Aunt Wilema but she cut us off over that incident at the garden party last year (everyone knows that it wasnt Lord Ogilvy's chukka) .. now maybe you can help us out.

Frank water needs squillions of dosh to fund clean water projects in Indi.

        What are we offering you exactly?
        Well, apart from a nice feeling of helping out people who have no water supply we can also make sure that you, your company or organisation gets maximum media coverage during our trip. We have set up blogs and web sites to help do this as well as getting the support of national and international press, webs and TV.

        If you are a company or organisation:
        Your logo will be emblazoned across our tuk-tuk for all to see and we will send you daily live updates, videos and photos. On our return we can even come to your offices to give a motivational presentation of how your donation is helping provide clean safe water for 1000's of people.

        If you are an individual:
        Not only will your name will appear on our blog thank you list, but we will enter your name into the hat to be adopted as the name of our tuktuk (even if you`re called Tarquin or Shanique). Not only that but you will recieve a special personalised gift from india, as well as access to our blog for daily updates, videos and photos.

        For personal individual donations click here...
        For company or organisation sponsorship contact us here.. 


        Their names in the hat to be adopted as the name for our tuk tuk..

        Asia, Sam I am, Ferran, Carme, Nathalie, Anne, Victoria, Roger, Miguel, Priscila, Arlo, Asia, Carlos, Remco, Scott, Thomas, Andi, Gustavo, Betty, Dave K, Diagonal Mark, Natty, David R, NiNi, Dr.Rob, Hannah, Mike R, Wolfgang and Clara, David Relevant, Obi de Krut, Micha...

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